The STOP Accidents Group  

The Stop Accidents Group International, LLC and Delta P Technology International, LLC companies are comprised of individual companies that have become one group. The Group works in conjunction to provide the safest working environments in the most dangerous and hazardous industries.

Special focus on the safety, regulatory compliance and certified training in the following industry sectors: 

Energy, mines, railroad, oil and gas refining and storage tanks in the petrochemical and oil/gas sectors. 

STOP Accidents Group International, LLC

OSHA Plans

OSHA Safety Manuals and third party safety and training compliance with such companies as ISNetWorld, PEC, Browse, PIC, and Veriforce.

OSHA Manuals

OSHA Training Manuals and Instructor led training.  Regulatory and Specialty training programs plus hands on classroom training.

Individual Qualification Certification Institute of America  (IQCIA)

The highest recognized certifications in the World for Tank Entry Supervisors, Certified Pipeline Inspectors, Confined Space Rescue Teams, Confined Space entrants, attendants, and air technicians and OSRO.

Confined Space Technical Rescue Association (CSTRA)

Setting the standards, recommended guidelines, procedures and rescue job books for High angle, and Confined Space Rescue Teams.

Tank Entry Supervisors, Inc. (TES)

Provides the most experienced and highly trained Tank Entry Supervisors in the World for your Above Ground Storage Projects

Delta P Technology International, LLC


Tank Cribbing (TCI)

The new revolutionizing patented Delta P Cribbing Towers replaces a 40-year-old practice of using wood timbers for cribbing towers to support floating roofs, mine shafts, and other practices. Protecting workers, saving time, money and the environment.

Delta P Lifting Technology  (DPLT)

The Delta P Lifting Technology and applications have been introduced to various industries, including:  the AST world, railroad companies, house relocation companies, emergency responder from municipalities, and pipeline companies. Specially used in raising collapsed floating roofs and roof raising activities.

Powerful, Safer and Faster than air bags and wood cribbing towers for support.